Three tips to maximize existing relationships

This lesson will focus on three tips to maximize your existing relationships.

The first tip is one that doesn’t seem as obvious as it is. All of our relationships had some point where we introduced ourselves to the people that were around us. Typically, we introduce ourselves in situations where we are expected to or feel pretty comfortable that the person we are introducing ourselves to will be in our lives for a while.
What I want you to do is.

[Tip 1] Introduce yourself to the people that already know you, or that you already know…

That sounds counterintuitive, I know. But… there are people that you see every day or a few times each week that you have yet to introduce yourself to. Those are the people I’m talking about. It could be the person you see often on the elevator at work; the cashier at the grocery store; the parents at school when you drop off your kids; the person that is always getting their coffee at Starbucks when you are. These are people that are familiar but maybe you haven’t taken the time to introduce yourself to. There is so much potential in activating that relationship where either you can help them, they can help you, or the two of you can help someone else.
Next… when you do take the time to introduce yourself to the familiar people in your life…

[Tip 2] Take 2 minutes to have meaningful conversation and learn something about them.

Two minutes is longer than you think. I’m willing to be you may have already spent two minutes loading and reading this article. Give the conversation a solid two minutes and walk away with interesting information about that person that you can use to further the conversation the next time you see them.
The third thing is something that you may have heard before. When you do stop to introduce yourself to that familiar person; and you give a focussed 2 minutes to get to know them a little;

[Tip 3] Use their name at least three times during the conversation.

It is such a simple way to rehearse their name to increase the chance of you remembering it, plus… you really give them the impression that you care and are interested. Use their name in your introduction, somewhere in the middle of the conversation, and when you say goodbye.
It’s that simple… and you can do it today!!!
Talk to you soon,