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The Promise

You don’t have to be an entrepreneur for any of this content to be relevant.

Selfiepreneur is about exploring and developing the economy of one. It really is about creating value up front without expectation of return. This entire journey will be about exploration and sharing growth hacks, life hacks, and productivity hacks.


The Concept

I believe, and have for some time, that the best way to get the most out of life is to consistently increase and manage your influence.

I do not believe that means you need to do sneaky things to get people to do what you want. Instead, I believe it means be understanding, empathetic, and giving in order to gain the trust and respect of those around you. When you operate from that perspective, you present yourself as a valuable member of humanity and someone that the community should both respect and protect.

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The Challenge

After you’ve grabbed the course above, I encourage you to join our 7 Day Mastering Your Network community challenge.

We spend an entire week executing on the principles mentioned in the course and share our experiences with each other.

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