As promised, here is the first lesson in the SelfieGuide to Mastering Your Network.

The Power of Introductions

The power of an introduction is almost unparalleled because with it comes instant credibility. When you introduce yourself to a stranger you, too, are a stranger. That means that regardless of how cool a person you are, you still have no credibility. The person you are introducing yourself to still has no reason to trust you, and is, by default at a minimum slightly guarded; and justifiably so.

If you can get introduced to that same stranger by someone they already know, you gain the instant trust and credibility that comes from the person introducing you. That means the conversation is far more receptive and less guarded.

Introductions like this work the same as referrals do for business. If your friend tells you that you’ve gotta try a new Italian place then you automatically give the new restaurant the trust and credibility that you give your friend. And thus, you are more likely to give it your attention (and money) as a result.

My direct challenge…

I will always encourage you to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. With that, I will also consistently urge you to have some level of meaningful and memorable conversation with them.

At your next networking event, my challenge is for you to only introduce yourself to one person. It may seem a little counterintuitive, however, after you’ve introduced yourself to that one person and have had a meaningful and memorable conversation with them, I want you to ask an incredibly important question.

“Is there anyone here, that you know, that you can introduce me to?”

Allow the power of introductions to work for you.

I want you to employ this same principle among those you know and speak with regularly. If there is a specific person or type of person you want to speak with, ask those you know for an introduction.

The fastest way to grow your network is to allow others to do it for you.

Talk to you soon,