How to be more curious

Curious not creative

I used to think of myself as a very creative person but I realized I was wrong. While it sounds glorious to be a creative, what I found out was that I’m far more curious and willing to explore possibilities than I am able to just create something good.

Then I started to wonder,

I think far more people should examine why we behave and think the way we instinctively do.

We should challenge the status quo.

We should be less afraid to question the norm.

We should be more confident in exploring our own curiosity instead of accepting the results of someone else exploring their curiosity.


I believe one of the things that keeps us from exploring our curiosity is the fear of being wrong or being rejected. I’m not sure if it takes an attitude of blissful ignorance to those around us, or an incredible confidence in ourselves to be so curious.

Plus, there are so many factors, in so many situations, that teach us to quell our curious nature and accept the general consensus. I beg you to accept that it is okay to have incredibly wandering thoughts, and to challenge what you have been told about how things should be. That doesn’t mean be a rebel and just reject everyone else’s ideas, it just means be willing to explore your own.


The scary thing is . And, of course, one’s opinion leaves one open to rejection and confrontation. There are a lot of people who will back off of their own opinions just to avoid the emotional anguish of rejection and confrontation; that is totally normal. Don’t let your opinion simply be one of complaining. Rather, a curious exploration of possible, and maybe desirable, outcomes.

I implore you to

Increase either your confidence or ignorance of negativity and explore your curiosity.

Exploring your curiosity brings you closer to who you authentically are and what you truly believe. The closer you get to your true self, the more unique, and desperately needed value you can bring to the world.

We all need you to be exactly who you are.

Stay curious,




I am Rashad. I'm an entrepreneur with over 15 years of cultivating relationships, chasing ideas, and over delivering on promises. I want to share some of the things I've learned along the way with you. Hopefully, it will inspire you to define and achieve your personal definition of success.