How to get clarity in life

I think one of the most common feelings when trying to achieve something difficult or new to you is the feeling that you lack clarity. For me, having been an entrepreneur for 16 years has magnified my need for clarity in various areas of my business and personal life. There is one over arching secret to gaining clarity that I’ve found: The even lesser known thing is that clarity is merely perspective. Generally, it’s a perspective that is not the one you start out with either. Analysis Paralysis Once I realized that simple adage, I was able to get started on a lot of things that I put off because of overthinking. I would really spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months trying to think through all of the things I need to do in order to […]

Get started: You should definitely cross the line

Crossing the line is relative… I read an interesting post on Facebook a few days ago from 2010 and it read: Often it is harder to cross the starting line than the finish line. Granted, I wrote it. But, when I saw it again it spoke directly to me. The list I have of things I want to do is long… really long. In contrast, the list of things I started on is incredibly short. Of course, the reasons vary from resources to motivation to fear. And interestingly enough, the first article I wrote on this website was about procrastination. Why is the line relative? Everything in life has a starting line. Whether it be a specific time or a specific action, there is a starting line for everything you’ve done and everything that has […]

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.” That statement is one that I heard echoed when told stories of how the greats in our lifetime prepared… When you hear the story of Michael Jordan taking 1000 free throws in practice it wasn’t because he wanted to see what his average was. It was because he wanted to improve his average. He took 1000 shots to lock in the mechanics of making a shot; to almost automate his success by know only what success felt like. Perhaps you’ve heard the sentiment in the quote in a different way. Maybe something like, “practice makes permanent.” My friend Matt Trainor said, “tomorrow’s battles are won in today’s practice.” How does this practice apply to you? Maybe you’re not an aspiring athlete. […]

Staying motivated – How to stay motivated when things just aren’t working out

I struggle with finding motivation when things aren’t working out the way I thought they would. But… I also have a few things that keep me focused and nurture my relentless attitude to stay the course. It wasn’t easy to come by either. I’m not sure if you’ve ever started something and then noticed that nothing was really going as planned. Maybe things were happening, but it just didn’t feel like it was leading to the outcome you wanted. You may have been executing like a professional but just not getting the results. I’ve been there way too often… I’ve also read too many blogs that say weirdly unhelpful things like “everything takes time” or “pain is part of growing”… no thanks. I’m talking to the folks who understand those things but are truly discouraged because it […]

How to earn respect as a leader… and common mistakes demanding it.

How do you earn respect as a leader or friend? What does it even mean to command respect? I can at least say, it doesn’t just happen by accident and it is very easy to make the mistake of trying to demand respect. <-totally different. I’m sure you know, or at least have seen, someone who shows up and everyone kind of starts paying attention. Not the person that is super charismatic, though. I’m talking about the person that has your Aretha Franklin type of r-e-s-p-e-c-t. It’s no accident. While it may seem some folks have it naturally built into their personality, we all have to be very mindful of what it takes because it is so easy to lose respect. I have said for a very long time that there is a detrimental difference between […]

Commitment vs compliance ~ The best leaders exemplify commitment

I remember the commitment my father had to teaching me to ride my bicycle. And I’m currently teaching my son so I get to see this story from both sides. Riding a bike is super simple; keep peddling and don’t fall. But, as simple as it seems, having someone with you as you master it makes it so much easier. Sometimes that is the major variable of commitment over compliance. If I told my son to go outside and ride his bike every day, I’m sure he will eventually get it; albeit possibly in some unorthodox way. However, if I asked him to come outside with me so we could practice riding everyday, the likelihood is that he will be way more enthusiastic, gain from the benefit of my encouragement and experience (I’ve hit a few parked […]

The Law of Micro Commitments ~ and why they are super important!

Question? Will you make a commitment to press one of the share buttons below if you learn anything or find anything interesting in this article? Yes? Perfect! The power of micro-commitments I hate running… but I have to do it. And, while I tried everything I could to commit to running, I struggled with finding the right motivation to get outside and run 2 miles a couple days each week. The thing that I found out was that it wasn’t my lack of understanding or motivation, it was that my commitment was too big! I was way too focussed on the overall impact and my disdain for running so I would get in my own way before I ever started. I decided that instead of making the huge commitment of running the distance, I would make the tiny commitment […]

Five steps to having productive meetings

We tend to speak a lot about relationships and that is very intentional. Today, let’s talk about steps to have successful and productive meetings. A good meeting can certainly influence a professional relationship. Here are five steps to have a productive meeting. 1. Be very selective when meeting Only call for a meeting or even attend a meeting when it is actually necessary. Far too often we have meetings just for the sake of meeting and we tend to want to discuss everything under the sun at a meeting. Instead of calling a meeting for everything, be selective. And… if you’re in the position to, opt to not attend meetings that don’t look promising or don’t require your input. 2. Write goals for your meetings Because it is so easy to get off track, consider writing out goals […]

How to establish credibility among friends and others

Seriously though, are you a credible person? Do you ever stop and even ask yourself… “How do I know if I’m a credible person?” And then… What are you credible for? What is your credibility? The word credible comes from the latin “credo” or, I believe. When people consider you, what is it exactly that they believe? And how can you influence their belief toward how you would like to be known? I may be able to help with that. The difficult part may be earning the credibility that you actually desire. It may be that getting people to see you how you would like to be seen may be the more difficult task. Often, I am told that people think I’m a mean person. In my eyes, I’m likely one of the nicest, and […]

How to be more curious

Curious not creative I used to think of myself as a very creative person but I realized I was wrong. While it sounds glorious to be a creative, what I found out was that I’m far more curious and willing to explore possibilities than I am able to just create something good. Then I started to wonder, I think far more people should examine why we behave and think the way we instinctively do. We should challenge the status quo. We should be less afraid to question the norm. We should be more confident in exploring our own curiosity instead of accepting the results of someone else exploring their curiosity. Rejections I believe one of the things that keeps us from exploring our curiosity is the fear of being wrong or being rejected. I’m not […]