IT TakeS JUST two minutes per day to increase your value to both you and those around you.

The selfieguide to networking the easy way

It has long been said that your net worth is in your network.

I don't want you to get the wrong idea though. It isn't about the number of people you know and how many hands you shake. It's about the quality of relationships you have.

What we discuss in the SelfieGuide to Mastering Your Network are simple principles to add value up front and nurture your relationships.

Things like:

  • Being introduced vs. introducing yourself
  • Engaging in 2 minutes of meaningful conversation
  • The "random contact" strategy to stay relevant
  • Understanding how to serve your network
  • Instinctively adding value first

Finding your way to agreement, and the ultimate yes, is not about the ask; it's about the give.

Let's be better; together.