The BEST way to invest your money and your time wisely

My nephew asked me once, “What’s the best way to invest your money?” I’m not sure that my response was a surprise to him, though. I’m a big fan of asking, “What do you want out of life?” Once you know that part, you can put your time and money into achieving it. Now, Jim Rohn (always quoted on this site) said, ‘Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.’ So I think when we look out how to invest our money, we should first consider ourselves and, also consider our time. The Paradoxical Theory of Abundance As I thought a little more on how to best invest time and money I realized something that has always been true for me. I make a lot […]

Where dey at tho? Goal setting examples – On Goals: Part 1

Allow me to show some examples of goal setting. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? That time of year where we realize how we either had a great year or it just wasn’t our year. Then we make those incredible forecasts like “new year, new me.” And, we resolve to be better in a little while than we are right now… If you haven’t caught it yet, I think it’s a little ridiculous. If you’re going to be better, start right now. But, I do believe in setting and achieving goals; bigly. Where dey at doe??? ( Where is your goals list? How long is this gonna be? As I considered this article, I thought it would be pretty consistent with a lot the things I write. Maybe about 700 – 1000 […]

Five steps to having productive meetings

We tend to speak a lot about relationships and that is very intentional. Today, let’s talk about steps to have successful and productive meetings. A good meeting can certainly influence a professional relationship. Here are five steps to have a productive meeting. 1. Be very selective when meeting Only call for a meeting or even attend a meeting when it is actually necessary. Far too often we have meetings just for the sake of meeting and we tend to want to discuss everything under the sun at a meeting. Instead of calling a meeting for everything, be selective. And… if you’re in the position to, opt to not attend meetings that don’t look promising or don’t require your input. 2. Write goals for your meetings Because it is so easy to get off track, consider writing out goals […]

Which is better? Do, Delegate, or Dump. Secrets to time management.

I’ll be very transparent with you. Most of the emails I receive are deleted without me even opening them. By default I apply one of the following: Do, Delegate, or Dump? These are my secrets to time management. In my own personal algorithm I look to see what the subject is and if my name is in the “to” or “cc” column. If I’m in the cc column I almost always delete (or dump) the email without even reading it. If it is a forward or reply, I scan for information that I need to know or take action on (do). If my name is in the “to” column I ask myself if it is informational or actionable. Where it is actionable (do), I determine if I have to be the person to take the action or if […]