The Sharing Economy ~ The rule of one to many to one.

The shared economy of one may be a new phrase but its impact has been around for a long time. First, a riddle… “How can you throw an object so that it stops traveling away from you, changes direction, and returns to you without hitting anything?” The Sharing Economy The sharing economy is making an incredible come back with the popularity of some companies you may have heard of (AirBNB, Ubër, While these companies are on the rise, they are using a concept on which communities have been built for millennia. The idea is simple, bring your goods to a central location, take what you need, and make the rest available to those who can benefit from it. Of course, in a capitalist economy, we have to charge you for it. 😉 The Economy of One […]

How to ask for help… that dirty four letter word.

“I need your help” If you’ve joined my mailing list, like so many people are quickly doing, then you’ve likely received an email from me saying, “I need your help.” And, if you received that email, then you will see most of the principles I want to share with you in this article.  While there is no single best way to ask for help, there are some things that should always be considered. With that, here is how I ask for help. Know what you need help with The worst thing you can do is ask for someone’s help and not know what you need help with. It is important to note that you may not specifically know what you need help with, but you should know what you are working toward. So, even if you […]

How to earn respect as a leader… and common mistakes demanding it.

How do you earn respect as a leader or friend? What does it even mean to command respect? I can at least say, it doesn’t just happen by accident and it is very easy to make the mistake of trying to demand respect. <-totally different. I’m sure you know, or at least have seen, someone who shows up and everyone kind of starts paying attention. Not the person that is super charismatic, though. I’m talking about the person that has your Aretha Franklin type of r-e-s-p-e-c-t. It’s no accident. While it may seem some folks have it naturally built into their personality, we all have to be very mindful of what it takes because it is so easy to lose respect. I have said for a very long time that there is a detrimental difference between […]

Commitment vs compliance ~ The best leaders exemplify commitment

I remember the commitment my father had to teaching me to ride my bicycle. And I’m currently teaching my son so I get to see this story from both sides. Riding a bike is super simple; keep peddling and don’t fall. But, as simple as it seems, having someone with you as you master it makes it so much easier. Sometimes that is the major variable of commitment over compliance. If I told my son to go outside and ride his bike every day, I’m sure he will eventually get it; albeit possibly in some unorthodox way. However, if I asked him to come outside with me so we could practice riding everyday, the likelihood is that he will be way more enthusiastic, gain from the benefit of my encouragement and experience (I’ve hit a few parked […]

How to put an end to or stop complaining

I could easily just complain here and say, “Man I wish people would stop complaining so much.” Instead, I’ll choose to ask a question that may actually lead to the outcome I wanted anyway. The interesting thing is, I only really got this after listening to my son complain about every… little… thing… in his 5 year old world. It seems like whenever there is something that he wants, rather than ask about it our try to understand it more, he just complains about not having it or not being able to do it. Imagine, a beautiful 75 degree day, the wind is gently blowing, birds are singing, kids are playing… In comes my awesome son… “Dad, I never get to go outside and play like the other kids.” Dude… really? Now, instead of me granting […]