How to get clarity in life

I think one of the most common feelings when trying to achieve something difficult or new to you is the feeling that you lack clarity. For me, having been an entrepreneur for 16 years has magnified my need for clarity in various areas of my business and personal life. There is one over arching secret to gaining clarity that I’ve found: The even lesser known thing is that clarity is merely perspective. Generally, it’s a perspective that is not the one you start out with either. Analysis Paralysis Once I realized that simple adage, I was able to get started on a lot of things that I put off because of overthinking. I would really spend hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months trying to think through all of the things I need to do in order to […]

Get started: You should definitely cross the line

Crossing the line is relative… I read an interesting post on Facebook a few days ago from 2010 and it read: Often it is harder to cross the starting line than the finish line. Granted, I wrote it. But, when I saw it again it spoke directly to me. The list I have of things I want to do is long… really long. In contrast, the list of things I started on is incredibly short. Of course, the reasons vary from resources to motivation to fear. And interestingly enough, the first article I wrote on this website was about procrastination. Why is the line relative? Everything in life has a starting line. Whether it be a specific time or a specific action, there is a starting line for everything you’ve done and everything that has […]

Staying motivated – How to stay motivated when things just aren’t working out

I struggle with finding motivation when things aren’t working out the way I thought they would. But… I also have a few things that keep me focused and nurture my relentless attitude to stay the course. It wasn’t easy to come by either. I’m not sure if you’ve ever started something and then noticed that nothing was really going as planned. Maybe things were happening, but it just didn’t feel like it was leading to the outcome you wanted. You may have been executing like a professional but just not getting the results. I’ve been there way too often… I’ve also read too many blogs that say weirdly unhelpful things like “everything takes time” or “pain is part of growing”… no thanks. I’m talking to the folks who understand those things but are truly discouraged because it […]