2017 Goals Challenge

It’s goals challenge time… It’s time to take all that we’ve discussed during the series and put it on display. If you haven’t checked out the previous articles, I invite you to take advantage of them. Our next series will be on finance; money time! If you want to make sure you don’t miss an article, take 2 seconds to find the subscribe button and get in there. I’m looking for your posts with the hashtag #selfiegoals so make sure you share something with the community. Let’s be better; together. Rashad

How to break down a goal to actionable items – On Goals: Part 4

In this article, we will break down a goal into an actionable outline. I hope you have been following along or at least caught up with On Goals: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. By now you have changed your bulleted goals list from 5000 subscribers to the podcast/email list to a full commitment with purpose like I will earn 5000 subscribers to the podcast/email list because I believe the content will help change lives You now have a constant reminder that it is your responsibility to make that goal happen. And, you have a clear understanding of why you believe the goal is worth pursuing. What now? So how does it all happen? What’s the plan? The plan is simple. You need to know what it takes, who has what job, and who […]

Four critical types of goals and one big mistake. On Goals: Part 3.

There are a lot of conversations on the types of goals that exist. In this article, we are going to talk briefly about types of goals in a way I have yet to find discussed. When I did my search for goal types I was given things like financial, spiritual, emotional and the like. While those delineations are important, I want to shift our approach. I want us to take an approach on the types of goals that will allow us to build on each type. First, the mistake. I think the biggest mistake we can make is believing acquisition is a goal. Acquiring things is not a goal, it is a reward. Last year I had a goal of getting a Convertible Cheverlot Camaro 2LT in Nighthawk Grey with 5 spoke 20″ rims (not to be […]

Success from the start – On Goals: Part 2

The greatest benefit of setting goals isn’t achieving them. It’s the process that you must go through and the person you become in order to achieve your goal. – Jim Rohn I have said before that we need to be more in love with the process than the prize. The quote above from Jim Rohn illustrates why that is so important. If you are setting good goals, then you are forcing yourself to change in order to reach them. It isn’t that you have to become a new person, just better the person you are today. If you have any goals, then you have intention to achieve them. I want for you to have intention and expectation. The things we cover below are going to help with that. Let’s find success from the start. The […]

Where dey at tho? Goal setting examples – On Goals: Part 1

Allow me to show some examples of goal setting. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? That time of year where we realize how we either had a great year or it just wasn’t our year. Then we make those incredible forecasts like “new year, new me.” And, we resolve to be better in a little while than we are right now… If you haven’t caught it yet, I think it’s a little ridiculous. If you’re going to be better, start right now. But, I do believe in setting and achieving goals; bigly. Where dey at doe??? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybcNSoh8vI4) Where is your goals list? How long is this gonna be? As I considered this article, I thought it would be pretty consistent with a lot the things I write. Maybe about 700 – 1000 […]