Who can I help or encourage today

As you may be able to tell, I am a big fan of adding value to relationships without any expectation of a return. Today I want to talk a little about nurturing relationships and how you can automate a portion of that.

I have a persistent reminder set for every Monday and Wednesday that will send me a text message that says, “Who can you help or encourage today? Pick three people and connect right now.”

Who can I help or encourage today?

So… I really like this little hack because it encourages me to remain relevant in the lives of my associates, friends, and family without really thinking too much about it. It’s almost like automating those relationships.

When I get the text message I randomly go through the contacts in my email, phone, Facebook, or Twitter accounts and select three people to reach out to. Although it may seem difficult to know what to say, the start of the conversation can be easily automated.

This little hack is best when accomplished before noon too. I also like to keep reminder set to earlier in the week. Having it set before noon gives you all day to continue the conversation. It doesn’t take much effort to stretch out a text conversation over the period of 5 hours.

Let me help you automate the message…

If the contact you select is someone that you speak to rather regularly you should have no problem drumming up some sort of relative encouragement… even if it’s just “have a great day today!”

If the contact is someone that you have not spoken to in a while, be honest and acknowledge that in your message. Maybe it goes more like:

“I know we haven’t spoke in a while but I thought of you this morning. I hope you’re having an incredible week. I would love to speak soon. – Rashad”

It really is that simple to stay relevant in all of your relationships. This little hack keeps you in mind for at least 3 people each day. Of course, you can do it as many days per week you’d like. I recommend starting with 2 days per week and 3 people per day.

I would really love for you to try it right now.

Pick 3 people and encourage them real quick then, when they respond, find out if there is any way that you can help them with something.

Let me know if this is valuable to you,