It is time to change the way you network entirely!

In the SelfieGuide to Networking the Easy Way we discuss some pretty useful ideas and strategies to change the way you see networking and make it part of your normal behavior. The results will stay with you for the rest of your life!

One of the greatest differences in how we see networking is that it isn’t about going out and meeting a bunch of people. Networking is really about nurturing relationships. I believe when we change our mindset on networking, all of the stress and tension goes away and we just all become more like friends.

The 7 Day Networking the Easy Way challenge is designed to put all of the principles from the course into action. I have put them in an order that each day of the challenge will build on the previous day.

The goal is, at the end of 7 days, you will have realize how simple the principles in the course are and will have a greater likelihood of implementing them in your every day life.

The next challenge will begin on August 14th.

A few of the principles we talk about are:

  • Being introduced vs. introducing yourself
  • Engaging in 2 minutes of meaning conversation
  • The "random contact" strategy to stay relevant
  • Understanding how to serve your network
  • Instinctively adding value first

We are creating an entire community for the challenge too. Once you sign up, you will get an invitation to participate in a private group with others that are currently in, or have participated in, the challenge. 

Why community?

  • a shared culture promotes individual and collective growth
  • accountability among likeminded people
  • strength through encouragement, shared goals, and desired outcomes

To participate and get access to the community, join the challenge by signing up below.

Starting soon...